Anti-icing & Deicing

Midwest’s expertise in anti-icing and deicing solutions dates back to 1975. Our anti-icing products promote fast and long-lasting ice melting and prevent additional ice build-up down to -70ºF. If you wait until ice forms to take action, deicing requires five to ten times more deicing product than what you would need to provide anti-icing action in the first place.

Enviro-Mlt™ Liquid Ice Melter

Anti-icing and Deicing Agent

$71.15 - $3,624.50

Gravity Plus® Anti-Sticking Agent

Super-slippery, flexible coating that eliminates sticking

$89.65 - $4,719.00

Ice Free Conveyor® Belt Anti-icer (DEGPG)

Conveyor belt anti-icer and deicer

$72.15 - $3,676.75

Ice Free Switch®

Rail Switch Anti-icer

$87.80 - $4,468.75

IceFyghter D™

Diethylene glycol based belt deicer

$47.95 - $2,348.50

Liquid Ice Mlt™

Liquid Deicer (CG)

$20.75 - $852.50

Model 100 Hand Sprayer

3-1/2 Gallon Hand Sprayer


Model 150 Backpack Sprayer

4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer


Model 50 Stainless Steel Hand Sprayer

2-Gallon Hand Sprayer


Zero Gravity B-Free®

Side Release Agent (DEGPG)

$48.90 - $2,398.00

Zero Gravity®

Third Rail Anti-Icing Agent (DEGPG)

$74.75 - $3,561.25